Kilim Rugs

Kilim rug, which are more like tapestries - soft and thin and used as sofa covers or wall hangings - are also increasingly in demand. Kilim is a flat-woven rug (though because of the artful nature of the kilim, many are hung on the wall as show-pieces instead of being used as a floor-covering) made in several regions of the world, including Turkey, Persia, and the Caucasus.

Kilim rugs are a great way to deck up your home in a distinct and unconventional manner. Kilims are a type of rugs that are tapestry woven; they are lighter than regular rugs and have easy maintenance; therefore they can be used as wall hangings and draperies in addition to being great floor coverings.

The creation of kilim rugs began from ancient Persia and medieval Turkey. They were hand woven and making one kilim took up few months. Modern kilims are made in many parts of the world. They have successfully continued the tradition of kilims which are nothing but the best. These days they are both hand woven and machine made. Most handmade kilims are made by women and girls who take up weaving rugs as a hobby and also as a good means of making money. Whatever be the make, each and every kilim is a statement of pure skill and excellent human craftsmanship. Wool is the most common material used in making kilims. Wool is used in its natural state as well as after dyeing. Cotton and silk are two materials which are also used. Kilims of various regions can be differentiated by their distinctive symbols, workmanship, cultural and geographical propensity and their designs and patterns.

Kilim rugs give your rooms a distinctive global flavor. They are a great way to express your distinct style and make your interiors vibrant, elegant and uncommon. At Rug Store, we have a stupendous selection of the absolute best quality kilim rugs that is sure to enthrall you. We are one of the best stores in London and once you walk in, you will know the difference. We are always at your service and our supportive and friendly staff will guide you in choosing the best kilim rug suited to your needs and pocket.

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