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Kilims are flat tapestry woven carpets and rugs which have their origin in countries like Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kilim rugs are entirely hand woven by the indigenous tribes of the above mentioned countries where weaving such artful pieces of rugs have been a tradition for centuries. The art of weaving kilims has been handed over from one generation to the next making it a living tradition that bore the artistic perception of antiquity.

Salient features of Kilims

  • One of the most distinctive characteristics of kilims is that the designs and color combination are never replicated and hence each piece of kilim is unique in design and pattern. It’s like a painting or sculpture which has certain similarities in basic layout but at the same time has a mark of individuality.
  • The designs woven in the kilims are simple geometrical patterns with predominance of straight lines and sharp angles and yet they are so intricate and imbibed with aesthetic qualities that they are often used as wall hangings as one exhibits a painting. Kilims have a similarity with modern paintings that reduce the curves into simple geometrical patterns and match very well with the architecture of the modern household.
Turkish kilims

Turkish kilims are imported from Turkey and are known for their exclusive qualities that are reflected in designs and choice of colors. The erstwhile Ottoman aristocracy encouraged this art which they used as prayer mat, wall hanging and rugs to welcome the guests.

R6860 Turkish Kilim

R6860 Turkish Kilim (270cm X 153cm)

Price: £1500.00

R6860 Turkish Kilim
Persian kilims

Persian was once a great and flourishing civilization where making hand woven carpets was a tradition for centuries and Persian Kilims bear the witness of that rich heritage. The kilims imported from Persia have a great demand in the art conscious household of the west where they are preserved as art pieces.

Afghan kilims

Afghan kilims are woven by the indigenous tribes of Afghanistan where the apparent inaccessibility of Western Civilization has helped to preserve the rich heritage of this particular tribal art form. Known for their intricate designs and rich vibrant colors, the kilims woven in Afghanistan are worth their value in gold.


Kilims are made from natural ingredients and no synthetic fibers are used. Wool and sometimes silk are used to weave a kilim. The colors used are natural dyes and hence they are entirely anti-allergic.

Antique Kilims

Antique kilims are preserved as a precious work of art and they are usually used as wall hangings for decoration purposes. Kilims endure for generations and they become a prized possession for the posterity.

Kilim Cleaning

Our kilim warehouse is an exclusive store that showcases authentic kilims imported from Turkey, Iran or Afghanistan. We have a vast collection of kilims to choose from that would complement any modern household.

You can also visit us for expert advice on Kilim repairs and Kilim cleaning and how to preserve such exquisite pieces of art so that they look new for generations to come. Be sure to visit us and we guarantee you that you would be spoilt for choice with these vibrant and artistic masterpieces that would impress one and all.

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